Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This cookie shop is closed!

I am so over cookies! I baked cookies for 2 1/2 days and now I'm thinking if I ever bake another cookie it will be way too soon! I say this now, however if the cookies I baked make it in one piece to Texas I will most likely start this new tradition of doing so every year. That is until the year we have a baby and I am much too tired to complete the task that year...fingers crossed that will be next year! However, since this was my first year to make an insane amount of cookies I will say it went over extremely well! There were only two batches of cookie dough that I made that I was not crazy about! As much as I enjoy a sip of eggnog during the holiday season I did not enjoy the eggnog cookies I baked. Perhaps this is the reason why I forgot to wrap them last night and into the trash they had to go this morning. I'm also not fond of the M&M cookie recipe I made this morning. The cookies came out much thinner and not as sturdy as I had hoped for. I did enjoy the Mexican wedding cookies, and know for a fact these will be made every Christmas if not at least once or twice during the year.

Here are my cookies all baked up and some still cooling! Bryan came home and called me crazy! Funny thing is at this point I was feeling rather nutty! My back and legs were hurting and I was just ready to sit down and relax!

And here they are packed and ready to ship! Sadly my bunch of cookies only made 4 really good containers of cookies! I had planed on making at least 2 more boxes but that didn't happen. I cringe thinking if I want to do more boxes next year I will have to double my recipes!

Well, as you can imagine I am over cookies so for the next 9 days I will attempt to find recipes that aren't cookies! Today I'm sharing with you some super cute Tree cakes! These actually might find their way to our Christmas Dinner! I saw these a few years ago and thought they were really cute, but at the time I wasn't that into baking. I specifically hunted these down today because I thought it would be a fun project for the kids! How cute would it be for them each to decorate their own little "tree" and best of all I can decorate Bryan's and mine and dodge the sugar fest the kids have created on sugar cookies in past years!

Sparkling Tree Cakes

Photo via Kraftfoods

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