Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I have been bitten by the crafting bug! It all started last week as I was looking for something cute to send with the kids to their teachers for Valentine's Day. I could have run for something cheap at the store but I knew I wanted to make them something cute. So off to google I ran...I searched high and low until I ran across some shuffles with candy attached. I then ran down to my local Michale's store and couldn't find the shovels that they used so I improvised, and created my own design.

These little beauties started my creative juices flowing, and now I'm on the lookout for something else to create. I ran across a few crafting blogs while I was looking for the prefect Valentine's gift to make, and since then I have ran across a few more.

Now if you know anything about me you know I LOVE cupcakes. I think I have an obsession with cupcakes to be honest. I love everything about them! But as much as I love cupcakes I also love the cupcake liners! A quick google search and you will see that there are tons of designs out there. So when I ran across this project today I knew I had to make it!

picture via Tatertots and Jello

I'm more then positive I'm going to do pastel colors for the spring time! Its such a cute and cheap project and I can't wait to get started on it!

Then I ran across something even cuter when I was searching for more cupcake liner wreaths. This one isn't actually cupcake liners but paper bag cut outs! I love the colors in it, and if I actually play around with it and do teal butterflies it would go perfect in our bed room...perhaps on our closet door!

picture via MaryJanes and Galoshes

The possibilities on these cute wreaths are endless! I can't wait to get started on this craft! I have ideas for all the seasons and holidays! I'll keep you posted and let you know how they turn out! I may be running to a craft store tomorrow so I can begin asap!

Friday, February 5, 2010

#57 Learn to make homemade icing

I did it! I finally completed a task on my list! Tonight I made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies for a friends husband and the icing came out perfect! I have tried making icing at least twice before and each time it comes out this horrible yellow color and looks more like a glaze then a thick icing. Well after asking around I realized it was because I've been using stick country crock and not BUTTER! So tonight I made that one single change and it was perfection!

I will most likely still grab a tub of store bought cream cheese icing every now and then, because I actually like the flavor more! I do look forward to working with the recipe...perhaps adding some cinnamon next time! However I'm proud to say I've accomplished my first task!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are you ready for some football??

Truth be told I'm not! While I enjoy watching the commercials and half time show I'm just not a fan of the game itself. I do have to say that I'm a HUGE fan of the snacks that super bowl bring! I must admit I'm bummed we aren't having the game at our house this year, but Bryan then mentioned that I could still bring something to our friends house, and this got my brain churning.

But what do you take to someones house? Something low maintenance, something that can be served cold, and something that you can make at home or the night before of course! I learned the hard way you DO NOT want to make your husband wait when a game is coming on!

Now I know that the group would be expecting cupcakes from me. Cupcakes I can do, but when I think of football I want snacks...cupcakes can come after halftime! A couple of day ago I saw a picture of something I wanted to try! I knew from just the picture that it would be amazing. I patiently waited for this blogger to post the recipe and it finally went up.

Chicken Enchilada Roll-ups

Picture Via Annie's Eats

This recipe fits everything I'm looking for! It can be made the night prior to the party and it can be served cold! Not to mention they look pretty tasty!

of course I could always go the route of a dip! Everyone loves dip and it's so easy to scoop out on your plate and go. I have heard many wonderful things about

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Picture via Rachael Ray

I love that this is so much less messier then actually eating buffalo wings!

Now we come to dessert! Like I mentioned before I know everyone will be expecting cupcakes! I ran across a picture the other day and looked up the recipe. This "cake" makes me a little nervous because I'm not sure I could pull it off because we have to travel with it!

Football Cupcake Pull-aparts

Picture via Betty Crocker

Aren't they cute! My mind is turning wondering how I can transport them in one piece...did I mention I wish we didn't have to travel for this party!

Of course I could always go an easy route...and make something that will actually travel something like these cute...

Football Oreo Truffles

Pictures via Bakerella

These truffles come from the amazing Bakerella! Can I just say that I have tried a few things from her website and have loved EVERY.SINGLE.ONE! I also know this group loves Oreo balls because I have made them before for them!

Now you guys will just have to stay tuned to find out what I'm going to make for Game Day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I go into this week with a heavy heart. This past year has brought me to my knees. At my lowest point this year I didn't know if it would ever be possible to pull myself back together. This week has me reliving the smallest details. The tiniest things most people wouldn't remember my brain won't let me forget. I can tell you what I wore a year ago tomorrow and can probably tell you everything I wore for the rest of the week up until that horrible day I went into the hospital. I can probably tell you what I was doing minute by minute. This is not something I'm proud face it's something I wish my mind would let me forget. You see I can't forget...I can't forget because it's my last precious moments with her. This racing heart as much as I hate it I know it stems from my pain and anxiety of what next week holds.

We should be planning a first birthday party, and instead I'm wondering what I can do special to memorialize her. I plan to make cupcakes...not to watch her crumble in between her little hands but so we can think of what might have been. I will not hold my child this day, but hold her urn in my hands. I will not see her giggle in delight at all her gifts, but imagine her sitting in God's lap on this day smiling down on us. I have missed out on what would have been her first year of life, but I know she hasn't missed out on seeing us. I often wonder do I make her sad or disappointed in me with my tears, does she hate to sit and watch me cry? I know she must because I know that when I'm feeling down I don't see signs from her. I know she only comes around when I'm in a good place...

So baby girl just for you..I will try my hardest to be in a better place this next year...Mommy loves you honey.