Thursday, December 10, 2009

busy busy busy me!

Today's post is just a quick one! I am busy getting my house cleaned for the sitter coming over tonight. Bryan's command is having a Christmas party! I'm excited because it's a night away from the kids and they are usually pretty fun, but at the same time bummed because it's Kobe's 9th birthday and we wont be home for it. It seems as though Bryan's command had it out for the kids this year! His military ball fell on Anthony's birthday so it was kinda funny hearing the Christmas party would be on Kobe's. Anyway this morning while cleaning I took a break and made some cupcakes for Kobe. Nothing really too special just a box of funfetti cupcakes, but they are so yummy and moist it was a must!

Now on to today's recipe! This morning when I opened my inbox I had an email from Pillsbury. A few days ago I signed up for their 12 day's of Christmas email, and today was the first one. I have to say I already have all my stuff for baking this month, but I will have to run out and buy the ingredients for these cookies to make with the kids! SHHH Don't tell Bryan I'm buying more baking stuff! One day I swear baking is going to make us some money instead of costing us so much!

Reindeer Cookies

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