Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An Angel and some cookie

As I mentioned I wasn't really looking forward to this Christmas, but I'm trying my hardest to put on a brave face and carry on. This year I bought the biggest Christmas Tree I have ever had. Bryan said it's pretty close to 8 feet...this means while decorating I had to stand on a step stool! Also as mentioned in a previous post I bought the Christmas tree angel I saw that I just had to have. She was perfect in just about every way. She reminds me of the willow tree angels which I just love, and her wings are long and beautiful. She isn't flashy, just everything I imagine an angel to look like. She also has Bethlehem on her skirt and a tiny little manger scene right at the bottom...she screams perfection. Here she is for you to see in all her beautiful glory.

Now that I have bragged about my beautiful angel let me take a moment to brag about today's recipe. I have mentioned how I am sending out cookies to our families. Well, I had run across a recipe that I wanted to try out prior to baking up holiday cookies to see how well it would travel. Well, last weekend we were invited to a Christmas party and I knew it was the perfect time to try it out! I made up a batch of these cookies...well more like 6 dozen, and they were amazing! I was really happy with how they came out and tasted, and best of all they will travel just fine! It was my first experience with thumbprint cookies but for my first time I will say they came out beautiful! Bryan kept commenting on how they look like they came out of a book (thanks honey)! Anyway, I can't wait to bake up another batch and keep some at home for us this time as well!

Strawberry Cream Cookies

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