Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Well we can wish for snow right! Anyway seems as if I'm behind on blogging again. However in my defense it has been crazy busy around here getting things ready for Christmas! Not to mention it seems as though I have come down with a cold. B had it first and so graciously decided to share with me as well. How very sweet of him! This is a Christmas gift I could have done without though!

We have been a crazy busy little family this weekend. We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and headed down to the outlets to do some Christmas shopping for me, and then ended up at the mall to do a little more shopping, and we ended up catching a movie. We finally saw The Blind Side and I was blown away! I can not wait to read the book in the New Year! I think it will be an amazing read, because I'm sure there is so much more the movie couldn't pack in! The movie left me feeling really good inside and wishing we could help someone out as well! On Sunday we drove up to Camarillo for the day to see B's brother and sister. It has been years since he has seen them, and it was nice getting to meet more of Bryan's family. Then then was today...we ran out and did a little more shopping and then I went out some more once I dropped of Bryan and the kids! On the bright side we are almost done shopping! I still have one more gift to pick up and B has one more gift to pick up and we can officially say we are done! I made a promise to myself today while sitting in traffic and screaming at random people in my car that I will start shopping in July next year! Fingers crossed I can keep that little resolution going!

Anyway for today's recipe I thought I would throw some alcohol in the mix. If I was feeling better today after the shopping experience I endured it's how I would opt to spend my evening!

Triple Chocolate Godiva Cupcakes

picture by Grin and Bake It!

The fun thing about this recipe is that it shows you how to make the pretty snowflakes on top! Next year I hope to get more daring and attempt working with chocolate and royal icing more! These snowflakes look super cute, and easy!

Now for my drink posting. I must admit it had been over a year since I had my first drink again this month. With being invited to so many parties this month it was inevitable that I would have a drink or two this month. Since then I have googled my fair share of drinks and look forward to trying a few out!

Snowy Coconut Cocktail

Photo by Mixing Bowl

Now I must admit the fact that this drink has half and half in it has me on edge, but it looks way too cute not to give it a shot. hehe get it a shot.

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