Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween...

A day late is better then never right! Yesterday kept us extremely busy! We woke up at what I can only explain as the butt crack of dawn! The kids had to be at their soccer pictures by 7:20 which means we were running around super early! They then had their game at 9am. It was a great game, our team of course won! Kobe and Tony both played goalie during the game. Kobe did amazing in this position! He blocked 3 balls and got hit in numerous places while doing it but still played his heart out! Tony did well but plays better out on the filed. We then ran to the store to pick up things for lunch and dinner and came home. I managed to get a nap in, which after waking up so early I was in desperate need of!

I didn't manage to get pictures of the kids in their costumes, because they were the same thing they were last year. We went out on Wednesday night searching for costumes for them. We drove to tons of stores with no luck. Tony wanted to be Freddy Kruger, but hated the mask that came in the set, so after numerous stores they both decided to be what they were last year. So I had two big boy Ninja's running around. For the second year in a row we allowed them to go out on their own. Our neighborhood isn't big, and it's a military neighborhood so we felt safe with them going out. The streets were crowded with people as well. We ended up with more candy then we bought! I'm up to my eyeballs in chocolate! At least I have a stash now!

While the boys were out Trick or Treating I whipped up some cupcakes. They were supposed to resemble candy corns with the different colors but my colors weren't dark enough. They were very moist and delicious though!

Here are the two different colors I mixed up. As you can tell my orange needed to be just a tad darker!

After filling the bottom layer with the yellow cake batter I had to stick the cupcake pan into the freezer for 10 minutes which made the cake batter a gel like consistency. I can only imagine this was done so that the colors wouldn't mix.

Finally I dressed them up with a pastry bag and a star tip. The white icing was store bought. I still can't bring myself to make my own! Also on top I added a candy corn!

From the outside you can't really tell it's multicolored...

but from the inside you can! (ignore the plate it was on Bryan's pizza plate!)

Also last night with the time change I slept horrible. I ended up waking up way to early this morning and could only fall back to sleep off and on. However one good thing about this was we were up bright and early to hit up Walmart for discounts! I got some amazing Halloween baking items for 50% off! I got two silicone baking pans, a pumpkin cookie cutter, and a pack of 5 plastic cookie cutters all for $11.50! An even greater deal when you think about the fact that the pans were $9 each originally!

I hope every one had a great weekend! I can't believe it's November already! This year is almost done!