Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Christmas Time!

I realized I haven't posted in over a month! Where has time gone! I have been busy running around first it was putting together Thanksgiving which came out of nowhere this year, and now we are 18 days away from Christmas. We will soon be approaching the end of one year and the beginning of a new year. I pray that 2010 will bring us a better year. I pray that we will meet our forever baby in 2010. The holiday season has me a little down, but I'm trying to prepare things to get me into the spirit. Yesterday our tree went up, and today I bought the angel that I have been wanting since I first saw it. Our tree is almost complete I'm just waiting for Bryanna's ornament to come in the mail.

Anyway this week will start my crazy week of baking. I have decided to send home cookie care packages to both my parent's and Bryan's parents as well. Tomorrow I will shop for ingredients and Wednesday and Thursday will be my baking days! I will be extremely busy this week, but luckily it seems as if the weather will be perfect for staying in and baking! I have decided that in order to get a post in daily I will begin posting a recipe from here until Christmas Eve. One day I may post a cookie recipe, the next could be a cake or even a candy recipe. I do this not only to motive myself but hopefully to also inspire some of my fellow bakers out there!

Today's recipe is a cookie recipe! I made snickerdoodles for Thanksgiving, and they came out amazing! Snickerdoodles have always been my favorite cookie, but I never attempted to make them! As easy and as yummy as these were I will make them over and over again! (Click on cookie title for recipe)

Soft Snickerdoodle Cookie

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