Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookie Swap recipes

I know I know I've been gone for two days. I've had so much going on these past two days that by the time I get to blogging my eyes are just glazed they pretty much are now, but since I owe you guys three recipes here I sit! I did my share of baking this weekend for a small get together of wives in my husband's command. It ended up being tons of fun, and there was plenty of cookies, food, and laughter. I have to say I really enjoyed this little gathering, and hope some great friendships form from this! YAY for non forced gatherings! Anyway since this little gathering was full of yummy food I decided today's post would be dedicated to three of the yummy things we had!

The first recipe is a yummy cheese platter a friend made. It looked and smelled so yummy, but I was a little weary of it! Let me tell you when I finally tasted this thing it was amazing! I can't wait to make it on my own!

Marinated Cheese

Photo via Mylifetime

Yummy recipe number two was actually something I had tried at another friends house! It's called Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes! These were so yummy and very easy to make. I have to admit coring the tomato took some effort but once that was down mixing a little bit of this and a little bit of that came together to form something extremely yummy and pretty looking! When you have a party with a bunch of women presentation is everything and this certainly "fit the bill."

BLT Bites

photo via Taste of Home

And finally my cookie of choice for this little cookie swap. I made Turtle Tassies. Bryan said they were more like candy, however with the outside made out of sugar cookies I figured it was cookie enough! It was also totally different then anything else I knew people would bring. It took a little effort to get the bottom to spread out but once I floured my fingers and went to work it spread out effortless! I also received an amazing complement yesterday when I set them out! One of the girls asked if they were store bought

Turtle Tassies

I opted on half of a pecan on top of my cookies instead of a bunch of chopped up ones. I only did this because I couldn't find chopped pecans and since I had to make double the recipe I didn't want to spend a lot of time chopping pecans. I do think a bunch of pecan on top look much better, but if you decide to go the easy route like I did it still looks great!

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