Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's for dinner?

If your family is anything like mine then you are constantly hearing "What's for Dinner?" If you are anything like me you write up a grocery list and then forget what you were planning to make. I had recently switched over to typing up a list and sticking it on the fridge. I would then cross of the meals as I went. The only issue with this is my husband somehow got it in his head that the meals would be made in order of how they were listed. Also let's be honest...the white paper taped to my fridge wasn't exactly pretty. A few weeks ago as I was doing my morning routine of looking through blogs I ran across an idea that I knew would work for me!

This little craft was fairly cheap. I bought a small book for scrapbook paper, 2 packs of magnet sheets, and some double sided tape. The "laminated" look on the magnets comes from packing tape! I was a little worried it would look cheesy and cheap but it actually looks really good! I had started this project about two weeks ago, but when it was time for me to do actual measuring for the dinner tiles I put it away. I finally pulled it out Sunday night and went to work. It was actual extremely easy! I measured out 1 tile and then used it as a stencil for the other 30 tiles. I ended up using 5 different sheets of scrapbook paper, but only because I wanted more of a variety. You could easily use 1 or 2 different sheets instead. I finished up the craft yesterday morning while watching TV, and here is the finished product!

Notice how the weekend says we are eating out! Well it's not because I'm a lazy cook, but because we will be on the road! The kids start Spring Break on Monday and so we are off to...

TEXAS!! We are excited since we haven't been home in 2 years! We aren't looking forward to the drive, but being home again will be nice! I seriously can't wait, but still have so much to do to be ready for this trip!


  1. Hey Gina,
    Jill from Women Who Do It All here. You won the Vintage Pearl giveaway! Shoot me an email so I can give them your info. Please respond today. If I don't hear from you soon I'll have to choose another winner. Talk to you soon and thanks for following!

  2. Love the craft idea! I'll have to store that for when Rick and I have kids :)

    Hope you guys are having a fabulous time in Tejas! Looking forward to hanging out with ya when you get back.