Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Festival

Our housing area is very big on community/family fun. We have never been down to any of them except for of course when they do pizza nights, then we go down and grab our pizza :). However, since I've been so big on fall this year, and the kids knew it was going on we decided to take them. I must also admit that the fact that there was going to be cupcakes kinda won me over as well! What can I say I'm addicted! Bryan and I had a "nice" dinner which included a Philly cheese steak, fries, and of course our cupcake. While it was nothing to write home about it was yummy enough.

The festival included such things as a face painting, hair color, pumpkin painting and a mirror and smoke house. The kids ran around with their friends, and for a moment I thought they would be too "cool" to join in the fun. However soon they jumped in and their friends joined as well. I asked the kids to decorate pumpkins so we could have some decorations!

How cute did those come out! I was pretty impressed! They also painted their face and hair. Bryan and I sat at a table by the pool talking and as the boys went up to get their face painted they were trying very hard to explain to the lady exactly what they wanted. Bryan and I sat patiently and tried to figure out what they were trying so hard to explain! We could see the lady paint a little and stop to ask them for more detail. When Kobe was done he walked over to us, and we still couldn't figure it out...Can you?

If you guessed Jason then you are right! Kobe was a little annoyed when he got home and saw it wasn't exactally right! Tony on the other hand I'm still not too sure what he is, but I think she did an amazing job on their faces! All the kids were walking around with such amazing designs! No two kids had the same face painting! Now that's pretty impressive! It was a fun hour and a half and then it was time to come home!

By the way, I realize I haven't been too impressive on baking lately! I have been baking weekly, but not anything out of the norm. Last night I made some box mix brownies which came out amazing, and the past weekend I made a yummy chocolate chip banana bread. I didn't get a picture of the bread beacause as you know my oven has been a little wacky, and well the bread burnt a little. However the bread was super yummy so I will pass on the link! I plan to try it out again now that our oven has been fixed!

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