Monday, October 5, 2009

Bakin' mama

Lately I haven't had much luck with baking. I will find a recipe on line that I'm so excited to try and I end up being disappointed. Baking just hasn't been going my way since I made the apple sauce cake. Such a disappointment. I thew out the majority of the cake, the banana bread while good just didn't bake up great in my oven. I managed to make a really good brownie the other night, the first time ever! However I was back to flops last night with an apple crisp recipe I tried! I learned I am not a fan of nutmeg!

However today I wanted something yummy. I had a box mix to make funfetti cupcakes, and I finally ran across some pumpkin this weekend, but none of those sounded good. So off to google I went again. I ended up finding an amazing site with Snickerdoodle bars. As I read through the recipe I realized I had all the ingredients on hand. Let me just say a few months ago this would not have been the case. I think it's official ya'll I have become a baker! Anyway I went to work on these "bars" The battered smelled amazing and I was so excited! I should explain that snickerdoodles are my FAVORITE cookie! I get overly excited when I walk into a mall and see a cookie stand that has snickerdoodle cookies. Anyway, once they were golden brown I stuck a toothpick in them and it came out clean, so out of the oven the came. I had mixed up a cinnamon sugar blend and sprinkled them with it while still warm. When the cooled we cut into them, and once again I found they didn't bake up like a bar at all. They were like a softer cake! The review said it would be "cakey" so I can only assume that's the way it was supposed to be. Let me just say they were AMAZING! They were everything I wanted them to be. However, next time I try them I think I might keep them in the oven a little longer to see if they get a little harder. But I was very happy and will definitely make them again! Hopefully this means I'm back in business!

By the way ignore the crumbs! It was right after dinner and I hadn't fully cleaned the table yet! Also I'm beginning to realize I need different plates! Off to Ross I go!

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