Monday, May 3, 2010


Today I sat around all morning and didn't get a thing accomplished. Today I got up around 11ish from the couch and started cleaning my house, making a grocery list, did two loads of laundry and baked some cookies.

Today is my last Monday off for who knows how long. Today I feel somewhat better after being sick Saturday night and all day Sunday. Yesterday I promised myself no more sushi for a long time...if ever again. Yesterday I vegged all day feeling sick and sorry for myself. Today I am on CD2, and just found out I can't get another appointment until July. Today I am a little stressed out because the doctor is allowing me to do a cycle of clomid not monitored. Today I should have gone to the grocery store this morning, but instead I'm going in just a few minutes. Today I realized I miss my best friend, and that being a military family really does suck sometimes. Today I managed to post an entire blog with almost every sentence beginning with today.

What did you do today?


  1. I purged my closet after work. Hand me some of those cookies, please?

  2. if course my friend! Complete with a martini glass full of milk...that's all you're getting for the next few months!