Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Family Photos

I believe it's time for a new family photo. Our last one was taken 3 years ago. I had planned on holding out until we had the baby, but after she passed away we put it on hold even longer. I then wanted to wait until we had a new baby, but as we are closely approaching the 4 year mark from our last family photo I feel now is the time. Our last photo session was in Hawaii. The pictures turned out beautiful...

Do you see how little my boys were! They were babies! I now have big boys on my hands. I often don't realize how big they have gotten until I look at old pictures of them. In these pictures Bryan and I weren't even married yet! Since then the closest to a family picture we have gotten is...

This picture was taken in October, and luckily we all looked decent in it. I have been searching photos online, but I have no idea where to start. Since we did a "scenic" portrait last time I'm thinking it may be nice to go studio this time around. I mean do we wear the same colors again? We got some slack on that last time, but isn't that what people do? I also don't want cheesy studio pics I want something creative and cute. This is the reasoning behind doing photos on location in the past. I know of a place down the street that has amazing reviews, but after looking at his prices he seems a bit pricey. How much do you even pay for family photos? In the past I have paid a lot, but being in Hawaii I thought it was normal. I would rather not go to a studio like Penney's or Sears, and go to someone who does it on their own. I know I'm looking at higher prices this way though...I guess it's time to start getting serious and looking around for somewhere.

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