Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to faith, hope, love and everything in between. When I came up with the title of this blog it was everything I was feeling in life. The need for hope and faith with everything that has happened this year. The love of my family and friends, and really just whatever goes on in this little brain of mine that is in constant motion.

This is currently blog number three for me. Why so many you ask? Well let me break it down for you.

Blog number one is solely dedicated to Bryanna and all of my feelings that I had during that time and even now. While I don't dedicate as much time to the blog now it helped as a healing tool. I have been able to express my emotions that I might have not been able to get out otherwise. Even now while I don't use it as often I will occasionally run across a poem or song that hits me and makes me think of her so into the blog it goes. It kinda serves as my unofficial memory book...something that I have put out there for others to read so that other women who may go through this know they aren't alone. If you are interested in reading that blog you can find it here:

Blog number two serves as my baking blog. After we lost Bryanna I turned to baking. It's a therapy for me in a way. On days that I'm super worked up and stressed out and anxious baking helps me pull through. There is something so comforting about taking almost next to nothing and creating something so amazing. The smells it fills the house with, pulling out my box of cake tips, and cupcake liners, the excited looks and praises the kids give when they get to sit down and eat it. I love it all. Bryan will often tell me "Just bake already!" when I'm having a stressful day. I just really love everything about it...perhaps I can be the next Martha Steward one day! Anyway to follow that blog look here:

Finally there is this blog. I needed a place to get out my random thoughts, somewhere I could talk about what we are doing as a family. I wanted a place to share the crafts I do, or the activities I want to start. I needed a place to talk about our adventures in trying to conceive again, as I felt Bryanna's blog wasn't the proper place. I wanted to talk about books I'm reading...stresses I'm going through, my highs and my lows, and really just faith, hope, love and everything in between.

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