Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

I have looked forward to this season more then you could know. It's my wish that come this time next year we will be welcoming a little baby of our own. Perhaps that's why I'm so ready for it to get started! Summer seemed like the longest season of my life! Today while I was on facebook I was so jealous to read that so many of my friends were enjoying fall weather! I on the other hand in sunny California am sitting here in a tank top and capris! Not so fall like...I'm praying it comes soon. Although I know it won't be this week since we are in the middle of a heat wave!

However since it was the first day of fall I got a craving for apple butter. My dear friend Jess posted about it on her blog last Friday, and while at the grocery store on Saturday I picked up a jar. So this mornings breakfast was two pieces of toast. One with apple jelly and one with apple butter!

I have to say while the apple butter was good I will have to stick to apple jelly! I love apple jelly, but apple butter was a definite change of pace. I will continue to eat it but it won't be my go to! I'm still on the look out for pumpkin butter, which a good friend promised to send me!

While I was on my apple kick today I made an applesauce cake. The verdict on it was it tasted very similar to the pumpkin cake I made last week. This coming from Bryan and the kids. I however preferred the pumpkin cake from last week. This cake was very simple to make it was a box of spice cake mix, some oil, eggs, and apple sauce. Once baked and cooled it was topped with vanilla icing mixed with cinnamon. The icing was yummy, but it had me longing for cream cheese!

I did love how it made the house smell. It made me want to bake yummy fall treats daily! Next up is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Now if only I could find some pumpkin! I swear no where around here has the 15oz can of pumpkin! I'm tempted to buy two packs of cake mix and go to work! Hey I can always seen the extra cookies to work with Bryan! I'm sure the Marines wouldn't mind! All in all it was a good day! Can't wait to do some baking, and hear what you guys have in store for Fall! Until next time!

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  1. ohhh I love me some baking!! Enter our Fall cupcake contest!!! You would do great :)