Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting Fit

I invite you all to join me in this little adventure as I work to get fit. I have somehow managed to gain 16 some odd pounds since starting our fertility journey. I'm a fat? No not by any means, but I'm also not comfortable. I am not happy in my own skin right now. I have reached a weight that I thought I would like to reach, and yet I find myself unhappy and very unattractive. I have decided that I wouldn't might keeping the scale number if I can somehow tighten it up. This had led me to pulling out my Carmen Electra Fit to Strip DVD's and gasp..even the 30 day shred. I must admit I pulled out these videos and did them for a week...a mere 5 days, and I was over it. I worked my little bottom off every day after work, ate better, and dealt with the soreness that came with it. I skipped one day and this quickly turned into a week of not working out. I am not proud of this and as this weekend draws to an end I'm ready to get back on track.

This brings me to my new found love for Bethenny Frankel. While I knew she wrote the Skinny girl books I never really liked her. The reason escapes me now, but I once saw her on an interview and she annoyed me so I decided not to like her. That changed when her new show Bethenny Getting Married came on which lead me to "like" her facebook page, which lead me to discover the Skinny girl Margarita which I then lead me to her website and then her books. A quick look a her website I discovered her recipes were pretty straight forward and didn't include sugar substitutes! This was MAJOR considering my Hungry Girl cookbook did include this. One of her first recipes that I came across was the Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast. As I read the recipe I began to drool...ok not really but pretty dang close. I shared the recipe with B when he got home and on Sunday afternoon I went out and grabbed everything I needed for it. I have found the video of it online and have included it so that you too can drool on it! I just packed my breakfast for tomorrow morning so hopefully it will be a hit! I skipped the vanilla it called for and opted for vanilla soy milk instead. I will update tomorrow evening to let you know how it went!

Speaking of Bethenny she also just released a new yoga dvd that I can't wait to get my hands on! Do I sound like a spokesperson for her yet lol. I hope that she is much kinder then Jillian Michaels!

Since I'm trying to get motivated and in shape I invite you to join me! I'm always looking for someone to help get me going and check in to keep things moving! As you can see on my own I'm no good at all! I will never fit into my dream Christmas dress if I start up a week and then stop for a week at a time!

Before I end this post for the night I wanted to share with ya'll that I am currently working on starting up another blog that will include all things fertility and hopefully at some point soon turn into my baby blog. After much thought I have decided I would like this blog to just be an outlet for Family, baking, crafting, and everyday stuff and not include all things baby. So look for that to start up soon!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy three day weekend! I can't believe fall is just around the corner! I feel good things are in store!

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  1. I can understand how you feel on many counts, I have to also get my butt into gear and I'm slowly finding the motivation to do so. If you want we can give each other motivation.